Zack Ultra © 2013


a prefix occurring originally in loanwords from Latin, with the basic meaning “on the far side of, beyond.” In relation to the base to which it is prefixed, ultra-,  has the senses “located beyond, on the far side of” ( ultramontane; ultraviolet ),  “carrying to the furthest degree possible, on the fringe of” ( ultraleft; ultramodern ),  “extremely” ( ultralight ); nouns to which it is added denote, in general, objects, properties, phenomena, etc., that surpass customary norms, or instruments designed to produce or deal with such things ( ultramicroscope; ultrasound; ultrastructure ).

By this meaning, Zack has set the standard for his life and what he does with his life.  To go beyond the top, push through the limits, and living life at its maximum potential.  Which is ULTRA.